Photos from the field:


Left: Drainage canal into a tropical peatland in Central Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo.





Above: measuring the composition of smoke from peatland fires in Peninsula Malaysia (August 2015) using an infrared spectrometer (Dr. T Smith).


Above: Group photo from 2010 fieldwork in Peru on the banks of the Amazon at San Jorge

Paul Aplin and Sofie Sjogersten

Above: Sofie Sjogersten and Paul Aplin in the rain at San San Pondsak, Panama

P1030279 (2)

Left: Simon Lewis and Greta Dargie in the field in the Congo.





Sue Page meets members of the Riau government

Above: Sue Page meets with members of the Riau provincial government to discuss solutions to peat fires in Indonesia


Above: Presenting results of research at the Instituto de Investigaciones de la Amazonia Peruana (IIAP) in Iquitos, Peru

P1000527   Picture5

Above: Sampling a peat core at Quistococha in Peru in 2011 (left), and the lake coring platform in 2010 (right)

P1000464   IMG_1990

Above: Intact palm swamp peatland forest at Quistococha, Peru


Above: Pneumatophores (breather roots) at Quistococha peatland, Peru

IMG_1952  Picture2

Above: Peat coring at Quistococha peatland (left), and pollen traps at Buena Vista (right), Peru

IMG_0110   IMG_0107

Above: Natual erosion along the margin of San Jorge peatland (2012)

IMG_0115  IMG_0116  IMG_0117

Above: Local use of peatland resources, including wood for charcoal, palm leaves for roof thatch, and Mauritia fruit for sale in Iquitos (where it is often turned into ice cream!). Photos taken in San Jorge village, Peru


Left: The lake at Quistococha, Peru





Mauritia_007  tabebuia_ENE_005

Above: SEM imagery showing clumps of pollen from Mauritia flexuosa and Tabebuia insignis, the two most common trees at Quistococha. We routinely work in normal light, but SEM can help to make taxonomic distinctions


Left: A trip made to Colombian peatlands (Angela Gallego-Sala, Susan Page, Dan Charman, amongst other forest enthusiasts!). Credits to Dan Charman.




Right: A person of the forest (orang hutan) in a Southeast Asian peat swamp forest.

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